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Mission: To promote educational and scientific activities that support the value, awareness and conservation of the Lowcountry’s rich biological and ecological resources.
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Announcing a NEW BOOK!!!

Garden Insects of South Carolina is a 140 page, pocket-sized field guide designed to help gardeners and small-scale farmers, including those in Georgia and southern North Carolina, identify beneficial species as well as potential pests. It contains sections on the garden ecosystem, insect biology, and garden ecosystem management.

Garden Insects of South Carolina features:
- Compact pocket format
- More than 160 high-resolution, close-up photos
- Emphasis on beneficial species
- Easy-to-understand profile of each potential pest
- Guidance for every level, from novice to expert
- Special section on garden ecosystem management

Send a check or money order for $21.45 (includes shipping) to:
Lowcountry Biodiversity Foundation
2971 Doncaster Dr.
Charleston, SC 29414

Or order online with Paypal:


Common Insects & Spiders of the South Carolina Lowcountry has sold through its print run!
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